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Houston rocks with SDR. Your Favorite Indie Alternative Record Label featuring Independent Rock music.

Jelly swirlRock Record Label Silver Dragon Records SDR is an independent rock record label dedicated to Houston Texas music and features alternative music from bands like Houston's Lazarus X. (Check our their CD Weapon of Love), We also offer Houston music info, an unique selection of music CDs and T shirts and much more. Enjoy.

Rent SDRS's Houston / Galveston Recording Studio NEW: Rent SDRS's recording studio and record like the pros for rates starting as low as $55 per hour. Located between Galveston and Houston SDRS is Southern Texas' best place to get your bands music recorded for less. Click here for info.

Houston's Lazarus X - Rock band Lazarus X and their new CD release Weapon of Love is a welcome change in an world of mindless musical mediocrity. Download free mp3s from independent rock music legend Lazarus X for a limited time and feel the energy. Also Check out the CD and get it while its on still sale.

Rock CD Weapon of Love is now available at record stores including SDR's Secure Online Store (only $9.99 on sale now), Tower Records (Reg. $18.99) and CD Baby (Reg. $17.90) among others. Photo Gallery for Lazarus X - While your here take a look at the album art and other publicity shots for the Weapon of Love release in the photo gallery.

Check out the New Official Lazarus X website. Now more great content and free mp3's from rock band Lazarus X plus cool content you can only get here.

Houston Music Punk Brady Style What's hot in the Texas underground. Houston clubs, Houston bands, Houston Nightlife, get them all here. Its a great place to check out Houston music news, Houston's local bands, Houston clubs featuring live music, editorials, and tons of other music resources. The featured Artist of the Month is a great way to keep up with the local bands. This month we have added 7 new artists to our list because of a lapse in updates. Enjoy. The Jonx / 61 Cygni / The Kants / Silverleaf / UME / The Hunger /Swarm of Angels Check them out and support the Houston underground live music scene.

Record Label Intern Employment Opportunities New from independent record label SDR. We are now looking for record label interns and fashion and photography models for our album art and other artistic opportunities. Click here for modeling details. Click here for record label internship details. Web interns will have a chance to move on to one of our coveted production assistants positions.

History of Rock Music Here you will find a tribute to rock music history. If you've always wondered what emo is or how alternative music differs from grunge then this is the place to find out. This free resource contains an extensive list of rock music genres such as the history of alternative music, heavy metal music, hard rock, grunge, punk rock, rock and roll, house music, grindcore, experimental rock and others.

Psychedlic triangleSDR's Independent music CD's and T shirts Get your indie rock CDs and music gear like t shirts and other cool stuff. We offer the hottest CD's, cutting edge outerwear for girls and guys alike, and other independent music related goodies here. Purchasing is easy and completely secure. If you are looking for a break from the typical corporate rock band check out Lazarus X - Weapon of Love We highly recommend this album. Also check out our huge selection of t shirts in many styles and flavors.

Home Recording Toolkit If your in a band and looking to record a demo this is a great place to check out. SDR is dedicated to helping musicians make great music and as always this info is available free of charge. Home recording studio setup, mixing music, selecting recording gear, recording vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, and other instruments are all covered with an emphasis on professional sounding results. Check out our tips on mixing music, adding effects and mastering songs. When you are all done see our tips on submitting a demo to a independent or major record label and creating a press kit to get your music heard.

Updates Check back often as the gang at rock record label SDR tell me they have many cool surprises in store for the website over the next few months. Also if your band is looking for an independent record label to represent you submit a demo to SDR.

New from Silver Dragon Records Now all CD's are on sale at 10% off their regular price All products include free shipping within the continental USA for a limited time. Now that you know who we are click on the links below or throughout the page to see what we have to offer.

Win Free Prizes Join our free newsletter and win enter to win free gear plus keep up with news relating to Lazarus X, our record label and the underground and independent rock music scenes. Join here by emailing us at (No purchase necessary. Check here for more details.)

Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsJoin our Street Team and earn prize Join the Lazarus X street team and help promote great independent rock music to your friends, acquaintances, and others. Create fan-sites, make banners, and get the word out through email, instant messages, bulletin boards, chat-rooms and e-cards. Join here at or click here for more information.

Houston TX music We are inviting all our readers who live in or around the Houston area and who have an interest in Houston music to participate in a campaign to create a better situation for musicians and music fans in the Houston area. Help create a cohesive scene. See what are we doing to promote Houston Music

Record Label Silver Dragon Records SDR is dedicated to Houston Texas music and features alternative music including alternative, progressive, and experimental rock, emo, progressive and alternative metal bands like our newest act Lazarus X. For info on how to get signed by SDR click here. For contact information click here.

Get Legal Downloads Legal Downloads from Original Artists like Lazarus X - Join our backstage area and download mp3s from Lazarus X's Weapon of Love for around 50c per song for a limited time. Only 5.99

Thank you for visiting Independent record label Silver Dragon Records. All our staff are completely dedicated to our bands and we stand behind all our acts 100%. Don't leave yet. Enjoy your visit to our artist based rock record label, and enjoy the music, photos and all the rest.

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