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Band and Event Promotion - We promote events for our signed artists for free as a part of our promotion record deals. For more information on signing with our independent record label click here.

If your not ready to sign we offer bands and record labels event promotion for very reasonable rates. We offer packages or can handle small jobs as well. Don't put off success. Check it out now.

Services include web site design, flyers and handbills, press releases, promoting shows, graphic art, etc. If you would like a quote please email us with your specific needs at promotion@silver-dragon-records.com SDR is dedicated to helping struggling musicians get a start in what can be a very daunting field.

If you can't afford to promote your shows and band right now check out or Artist of the month section and submit your band to be considered as Artist of the month absolutely free. All artists of the month will be added to the live bands section of our site so they will continue to get publicity for a long time to come.

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