Houston Live Music Clubs - The Axiom

The Axiom: 2524 McKinney Houston, TX 77003-3630 Phone: (713) 522-8443 Check out future shows and listings at the IBP/Axiom web site @ infernalbridegroom.com. The Axiom still houses live music, but it also serves as a theater venue as well for Infernal Bridegroom Productions. You can find out any info about both at the web site. IBP/Axiom is open on a show by show basis, so be sure to check the calendar as to not make a wasted trip.

Infernal Bridegroom Productions is a non-profit experimental theater group. They were founded in 1993 in Houston Texas and are a great venue for unconventional art of all types. Before 1993 the Axiom was a punk rock club and true to their musical roots the Axiom still has rock and punk shows a few times a week. When they aren't providing a nice venue for small live performances they host artists like Beckett, Shepard, Brecht, and Shawn. You might see anything from a short film to a play to a fashion show. With only 99 seats these shows are small and intimate, attracting a loyal following in the counterculture scene.

Located in the warehouse district the Axiom is a bit out of the way but that adds to it's charm. Keep an eye out for live oak street as your crossover. Shows usually go from 10pm-2am and dress is casual.

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Photo of the Axiom Houston Texas by Rolf Schyma

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