Recording Bass Guitar

Four string Electric BassRecording bass guitar is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Especially if you do it the way many engineers do through a high quality direct input box or direct box. These can come separately or in combination with a high quality pre amp. If you can afford it a tube driven pre amp can really warm up the sound of a bass. You might want to add some compression also. About 3 to one is usually a good rule of thumb for bass. Once you jack in just set the recording level so there is no distortion and your off.

For a more professional sound it is usually better if you have a decent bass amp to mic up the amp as well as or instead of recording to direct input. Get a condenser with a good low end range like the Sennheiser 421 or AKG D112. Place the mic about 1 to 3 feet back from the grill of the amp pointed at the speaker. If you want room ambience a second mic about 7 feet away will usually add more ambience while adding to the bottom end.

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