Bring Back the Guns - Houston Post Punk Gurus

Bring Back The Guns (formerly known as Groceries, Gandhi in Vegas, and One Mighty Leg) are an indie rock / post punk band of the highest order. Unofficially dubbed the hardest working band in Houston this band was known for their diligent and always skewered and interesting methods of DIY (do it yourself) self promotion. They have come a long way since their free shows that were the highlight of many a inebriated weekend but are still the same great guys that we knew from the Houston underground. Groceries has opened for the likes of the Toadies, Rapture, the Ex Models, and the Breeders. Now playing shows nationally with So Many Dynamo's this band has it's sights set on national notoriety while staying true to their underground roots.

Groceries have been compared to the Pixies, Pavement, and Modest Mouse, among others. With rapid tempo shifts, volume swells and trails, and quick stylistic shifts they keep the listener interested and emotionally on point. With their musical direction constantly changing this band sets themselves apart from the crowd.

Matt Brownlie the chief songwriter for BBTG moved from Fort Worth to Houston in 96 and after a brief period of poverty he began writing and performing acoustic sets at open mic nights at the Instant Karma. Soon he transformed the simple concept into a must see event with local musicians like his soon to be drummer Thomas Clemmons. With long impromptu jams and nontraditional instruments these nights secured his place in the Houston underground music scene.

In 98 Under the name Ghandi in Vegas he earned himself entry to Austin's annual music showcase South by Southwest and put together a lineup with guitarist and friend Erik Bogle. They kept in touch afterwards and Bogle eventually relocated. They added bassist Blake Powell and drummer Thomas Clemmons and the rest is underground rock history.

Ghandi in Vegas became Groceries in 1999 and then released Knuckleheads and Icons in 2000. A split EP with Houston band DrillboxIgnition was released in 2001. The band finally settled on Bring Back the Guns after bassist Powell left the band and they replaced him with new bassist Ryan "Shaggy" Hull. They also opted out of the tremendously popular Groceries name in tribute to the Matty and Mossy tune which held a deeper connection for them. With their first full length CD due out soon BBTG still has a full plate with out without the groceries.

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