The British Invasion, rock and roll

British InvasionAmerican rock and roll had an tremendous impact on the entire world and especially in Britain. British kids were inspired by the r&b and rock movements which began to form the beginnings of the British Invasion in the underground of London in the late 50s. Before long bands from England were dominating the rock and roll scene throughout the world and soon found its way back to America where the influences had originated. British bands combined rock and roll with a working class mentality to form what would be arguably the largest and most popular movement in rock history.

The Beatles arrived in America in 64 and were greeted by a swarm of adoring fans the likes of which America had never seen before of since. Appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show they cemented their place in the rock world forever. Labeled Beatlemania, the phenomenon swept the world, in particular the US where fans reached an almost hysterical and feverish pitch at times attempting to maul and rip the clothes off artist like the Beatles and others.

This caused other British bands to head to the US like The Rolling Stones, who presented dark aggressive and moody music which fused underground pre punk elements. Groups like the Yardbirds, the Who, the Kinks, would hit it big during the second wave of the British invasion in the late 60s.

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