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CARDI'S 2000: - 9301 Bissonnet (713) 270-0053 - Yes Cardi's. They are booking more rock shows here lately and are one of the only venues for unusual and eclectic acts for what I hear. It's fairly easy to get a show here from what I have heard. They will also record your set and burn it to CD for 40$ or offer a private session for 150$ for 3 hours. They have an answering machine so if you need to get it touch try leaving a message at 713-270-0053.

Cardi's is a bare bones strait up rock club with a large stage and decent sound and light setup. Not hip or trendy but just strait ahead rock and roll with hard core rock and metal devotees. In it's heyday it used to be packed but I hear the crowd has thinned a bit. It opens at 7 and closes at 2.

A lot of new and unsigned bands get their start at Cardi's 2000 and it is one of the oldest clubs featuring live music in town. To be honest I have heard a few complaints from bands who played here about trouble getting paid but I don't know if there's any truth to it or not so be warned.

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