College Rock - The birth of alternative music

Contimplative statue for the art students to identify, atop a background of a colorful blue rock for the Geology students to identifyIn the early eighties hard rock dominated the FM radio stations in the rock format and the genre of alternative music was all but unknown by mainstream listeners. Alternative music was limited to a few scattered college radio stations and small self contained local scenes and groups. In the mid 80s as it became more popular It began to take over college radio throughout the country and slowly made its way into the attention of a large group of college kids and other listeners who tuned into the local radio stations to keep up with the acts.

Psychedelic scene of three green moons atop a groovy landscapeSlowly sales began to grow eventually reaching the attention of some mainstream fans throughout the country. Small labels promoted these acts and kept the genre alive by touring in small clubs, reaching the fans directly or through the local college radio stations to help promote the shows.

In the late 80s commercial stations slowly began to embrace the genre known as college rock, incorporating the label alternative rock and slowly winning over a very loyal fan base. Bands like REM first began to make their influence known although they would leave behind the genre a bit with more mainstream hits and gain huge success.

The alternative movement never sold many albums but the influence on the music community was felt in a big way when the format evolved to the next logical stage. The incorporation of punk and metal influences into what would be labeled Grunge Rock.

Silver Dragon Records Presents the History of Rock

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