Doom Metal

(See also) heavy metal, psychedelic metal

Scary demons and monstrous insects collide in this perfect depiction of doom metalDoom metal is a variation of heavy metal music which is slow and dark and filled with tension. Black Sabbath's early albums were a great source of inspiration for the genre . Bands like Trouble and Candlemass combined these influences with more modern ones to clearly define the genre in the late 80's. Originally from Chicago, Trouble formed in 79 but did not become popular until 84. Their music is slow and darkly melodic with slow grinding guitars reminiscent of Black Sabbath.

Look into the eye of doom with a creepy death dollOften confused with death metal Doom metal is much slower and not as closely associated with occult themes. Trouble were actually Christians and were originally labeled white metal by the label crazed media. In 86 Swedish born band Candlemass released Epicus Doomicus Metallicus combining early heavy metal influences ala Sabbath and fusing them with modern-day influences. A band from England called Paradise Lost was a very strong influence on the current doom metal movement.

In the early 90s doom metal once again became popular. New bands like Winter broke through the original boundaries of the genre and moved it forward to a more modern style. In the mid 90's bands like The 3rd and the Mortal created albums like Tears Laid in Earth' featuring a female lead singer and leading to a more atmospheric hybrid of doom metal. Slower and more extreme acts like Funeral, and Esoteric began to make their presence known in the doom genre.

Doom metal is still a viable genre and its influences are also felt in other genres which absorbed its influences like psychedelic metal for one.

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