Emo - Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Hoover, At The Drive-In

Statues reaching out to embrace in an EMOtional displayEmo may be one of the hardest genres to define. Even those who love the music may disagree on what it actually is. The answer most people agree on is that Emo is very similar to Hardcore Punk except with more emotional lyrics often expressing sadness, love and even anger, hence the term emo.

The genre was started by the Hardcore punk band Minor Threat. They promoted clean living combined with antigovernment politics. When they broke up in 84, members quickly formed other bands like Embrace, Rites Of Spring and later on Fugazi, which were considered by many to be the first Emo bands. Early influences came from bands like Husker Du and The Descendants and All making emo another in the long line of alternative music hybrids.

Awe inspiring display of Emo rock As time went on the music started to soften using more mainstream musical styling while maintaining the lyrical content of the founding bands. It combined pop melodies into the music combined with Emo style lyrics creating a new movement of the genre which brought it to greater acceptance in the mainstream music community and brought this genre to many fans for the first time. Artists like Sunny Day Real Estate became very popular and influential. Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, and At The Drive-In are other well known proponents of the style which has quickly become on of the largest and most influential movements in the history of rock music.

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Abstract illistruation of Silver Dragon RecordsSilver Dragon Records presents recording artist Lazarus X and solo album Weapon of Love. Lazarus X's determined honest rock combined with haunting and soulful melodies struck a chord with many rock music fans. Some fans received a preview of the publicity photos and album at a rooftop listening party a day before it is released and the response was amazing. Lazarus X has a long and interesting history in the local Houston scene. His interview was well received by fans and is available here. Part 1- Part 2 - The strong vocal harmonies and dark ominous guitars layered with very powerful and accessible melodies and energetic bursts of Laz's 7 string make for a wild and interesting ride. The lyrics are very moving, at times dark and at others very inspiring and insightful. Check out Lazarus X merchandise like tour and WOL T-shirts or preview one of Laz's songs by downloading a free mp3. Also stay tuned for more cool content.

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