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THE ENGINE ROOM: -1515 Pease (between Crawford & La Branch) (713) 654-7846 Booking: 713-654-7846 / 713-564-7093 (Cheryl/Tommy) One of the best downtown venues for live shows. They are the proud owners of a very nice sound system. It is well worth the trip downtown.

Enormous glass and sheet metal sculptures decorate this stylish Houston hotspot. One room has a silver brick wall and another a wall projector complete with psychedelic imagery. The bar is lit by eerie hanging lamps which seem to hide its true purpose as a venue for some of Houston's hottest acts. Combining fine cigars and Lone star on ice this bar blend genres in a way that rarely works, but here it seems to. Booking alternative, rock, hard rock and metal bands this is one of the best places in town to see live music.

If you would like to play the engine room get your demo & contact number to them by mail or drop it off. Or call: (713) 654-7846. Shows are "all ages" unless otherwise specified. Tickets are available for purchase in advance with a credit card at the Engine Room, thru Ticketmaster outlets, and at the door the day of the show (unless it is sold out!). There is plenty of parking available for a small fee in lots near the club. Parking on the street is free after 6pm and on weekends.

On average the show starts 30 minutes after the doors are open. The Engine Room has a fully stocked bar including spirits, wine, juices, sodas, bottled water & beer. No food though. as of yet so fill up before the show. The Engine room is a great place to see bands and has earned great praise as a great venue for live music in Houston.

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