Experimental Rock

(See also) Post Rock, Industrial, Emo, and Progressive Rock

Experimental hand playing with batteriesExperimental rock has long been a catchall phrase used to describe rock music that does not fit into any other genre. Other genres that overlap somewhat are post rock, industrial, emo, and progressive rock. The form typically breaks conventions and rules and redefining what is considered music. Proponents of the form love the freedom to explore endless sonic possibilities and the unpredictability and excitement that the genre presents.

Experimental rock artists such as Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, and newer generations like the Butthole Surfers communicate ideas that of pop music are incapable or unwilling to express. Sometimes these songs fall far outside what the listener is used to hearing. For this reason listeners usually love or Experimental jellies rocking out to Steve Vaihate experimental rock. These artists have no problem moving beyond the confines of traditional rock, electronic music, jazz, and other types of music blurring the lines between them and combining them with new and innovative ideas. Sometimes they make sounds that fall extremely far outside the known limits of music. Whether it's a wall of noise, or a trickle of guitar experimental music encourages the listener to rethink their preconceived ideas about what music can be.

As with most genres the experimental elements of these musicians have been incorporated into the music of a new generation. Many find the genre to be one of the most exciting and free form of all the new music genres. Whether you love or hate it the influence of experimental music is alive and well in the music of today.

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