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Fat Cat's - 4216 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007-5638 Phone: (713) 869-5263

Fat Cat's was known to most Houston music fans as Mary Jane's before being bought out by Pam Robinson. If you were a fan of Mary Jane's you will be a fan of Fat Cat's. The dress is still casual and the inside has been remodeled while staying true to the old feel. Casually furnished with tables and chairs and extra seating at the bar and along the side this is a pretty nice place to listen to music.

One major improvement is the new mixing board and PA system. Dress is still casual and the Shiner is still cold. Alternative rock is still the genre of choice here and you can still hear some of Houston's finest most days of the week. The full service bar has bottled and draft beer and most popular liquors. There is also a bar on the back patio that usually has faster service then the crowded front bar. If you want to talk this is a good place to do it.

The management is upfront about wanting to be the next great music club in Houston and they take music seriously. They hope to bring back bands who avoid the Houston scene and create a venue that nurtures the artists and we wish them luck.

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