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Glamorous guitar and amythestGlam rock became popular in the 70s in what was mostly a British movement with a few notable exceptions. Using lavish and effeminate clothes and heavily made up male performers glam acts rejected the progressive rock movement embracing the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous. Male glam acts dressed androgynously evoking images of blurring gender lines and diminishing social divisions. David Bowie or Ziggy Stardust as he was known for a time was one of the most mainstream of the glam rock acts.

Shiny rocks for glam rockGary Glitter was another early glam act as was the New York Dolls and the Bay City Rollers. Elton John was one of the first glam rock performers who crossed over into the mainstream garnering huge success in a long and prominent musical career. Glam rock was a major influence on the punk rock movement. Groups like the sex pistols embraced the genre as one of its major influences as did later hair metal bands of late 80's.

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Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsHouston Rock Record Label Silver Dragon Records presents rock band Lazarus X and the their latest independent CD release Weapon of Love. Lazarus X's combines determined hard hitting rock with haunting and soulful melodies which struck a chord with many underground rock music fans. Some fans received a preview of the publicity photos and underground rock CD WOL at a rooftop listening party a day before it was released and the response was amazing. Check out Rock Band Lazarus X merchandise like The Weapon of Love Tour T-Shirt and the Weapon of Love CD or preview one of their songs by downloading a free rock mp3.

Silver Dragon Records is a Houston rock record label producing and promoting experimental, hard rock and alternative metal albums. We provide 24 bit digital recording in a quiet private studio free of distractions. If you think we are the label for you submit a demo to our record label and let us tell you how we can help your band with artist promotion, publicity, marketing, recording, mastering, help in marketing a demo or shopping for a major label deal. We are happy to offer musicians our online resources like our musicians toolkit for recording audio, our museum of rock music history and our Houston rock music resource.

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