Gothic metal

(See also) gothic music, heavy metal, progressive, rock

Gothic skull with celtic symbols carved into itGothic metal is a crossover genre between traditional gothic music, thrash and doom metal, and heavy metal. Common themes are religion, mythology, horror, pain, hopeless love and death. Traditionally the genre is closely related to the vampirism and nihilism movements but only on the surface. The dress is similar to the traditional gothic movement featuring dark clothes and makeup and religious symbols but as always there are notable exceptions. Goths are not as many believe linked to violence but are actually pacifists by and large. The music is dark and looming for with complex elements of progressive and heavy metal and hard roughshod guitars from the thrash and doom genre with introspective and thoughtful lyrics which draw from many musical and non musical genres combined in the tradition of gothic rock music.

Gothic doll staring into the eyes of deathLike most genres it is best described by the bands that represent it. Type O Negative, Crowbar, Coal Chamber, Paradise Lost, Marilyn Manson, Haggard, Anathema, Tristania, Sin of Thy Beloved, and My Dying Bride are regarded as typifying the genre. Some bands typifying the style, notably the European goth metal bands like Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil use high female vocals combined with a low powerful male voices to create a interesting and intriguing harmony of sound. Evanescence is a new band which is picking up the mantle where these euro goth metal bands left off incorporating traditional goth and goth metal to create a huge mainstream success while remaining close to the religious and thought provoking roots of the genre.

Goth Metal appears to have a bright future with a strong core group of followers and fans and with the genres move into the mainstream with top drawing acts like the Marilyn Manson and Evanescence and also less mainstream acts like Coal Chamber and others. The genre has secured a place for itself in the future of rock and has already made its influence felt in a large number of other genres as an influence.

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