How to Record Electric Guitars

Simple guitarGetting Started - Remember to get a great guitar sound before you begin by listening through the headphones or by putting your ear down where the mic would be and adjusting the microphone slightly as you play. You may need help doing this so ask a friend to help if you need them. If you hear any hum from the guitar then try a ground lift adaptor between the plug of the amp and the wall socket. Also remember if your recording with or near a computer that regular computer monitors will cause an electric guitar to hum so get a LCD display if you can afford it or turn off the screen and record with keyboard shortcuts if you can't. Also try to situate the guitar at a slightly different angle to the amp to avoid the hum that comes from guitar pickups.

Green microphoneMicrophone Set up - Recording an electric guitar can be very simple or very complicated depending on how you set it up. The most simple method is to take a dynamic mic like our tried and true Shure SM57 and put it against the grill cloth of the amplifier located near the outer rim of the speaker pointed slightly towards the center of the speaker. This setup has been used by many studio engineers and will usually create a favorable result if done properly. Lately the trend has been to add a second and possible third mic. The second mic would be placed about 3 feet away from the amp and usually is done with a good quality large diaphragm condenser mic like the Neumann U87 or our infamous AKG 414. The third mic is usually about 8 feet away and is high up in the room pointing down at the speakers. Use a large diaphragm condenser with this mic as well for best results. Now combine the three signals to get the optimal sound of raw close up guitar and room ambience. For more help with choosing a microphone click here.

Tips and Tricks - Already set up and you just need tips and tricks to make your recording sound better.

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Bass - Need help capturing that electric bass we offer a few options for you here.

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Mixing - Need help mixing those tracks to get the right sound from your mix. We can help here.

Equalization or Eq - Do you have a basic overall level and the tracks panned where you want them. Then check out our tips on Equalization or Eq.

Adding Audio effects - If you have the levels where you want them and have added Eq its time to add some plug-ins or effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and other effects to help that final mix shine.

Mastering - Need help mastering your songs. Get the low down here.

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