Recording Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitarsRecording acoustic guitars is a little more difficult than recording an electric guitar. First remember to check the strings and change them or clean them as necessary. Dirt severely alters the harmonics of a string and not for the better. Next we will need a good large diaphragm condenser microphone like our Neumann U87 or the AKG 414. If you have to, use a cheaper mic like the AKG C3000 or a similar mic. If you have one use a good compressor set it on about a 3 to 1 ratio. Use your ears as always to fine tune it. Adjust it up to 4 to one and down to 2 to one to find a good range.

Green microphoneNext put the microphone about 10 inches away from the sound hole of the guitar pointed towards the upper frets of the guitar. For more fullness angle the mic back towards the sound hole but be careful not to get the sound too full. If you have a second mic one can be placed further back or behind the guitar to add more fullness. As with all recording use your ears to find the right sound before you record.

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