Hardcore Punk music history

Hardcore Punk - Black Flag, Fugazi, Sick of It All, Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and the Rollins Band

PunkHardcore Punk began in the early 1980s with post punk bands like Black Flag, the Germs, Middle Class, Fear, Fugazi, Sick of It All, Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and the Rollins Band. Hardcore bands in the beginning were rhythmically loose and heavier then their forerunners like The Clash, and the Sex Pistols and played with more intensity and drive than punk bands typically did. Later the movement began to tighten rhythmically and the intensity increased as bands incorporated the energy of genres like heavy metal into their sonic repertoire. Also the style incorporates the social activism and political consciousness, anarchism of other movements with it to create a movement very distinct from its punk roots. The west coast group D.O.A. may be the first to coin the name hardcore in relationship to punk with the release of Hardcore 81 which was very influential and did much to fuel the genre but there are examples of hardcore bands which go back to the late 70's like Black Flag, The Pagans, The Viletones, The Germs, Chain Gang, The Misfits and others.

The movement is divided much as rap music is with east coast and west coast although other subdivisions exist as well. East coast hardcore tends to be more smooth, with grooves that flow in context with the vocalist who sings or shouts the lyrics. West coast hardcore tends to be harder with rhythms that start and stop with intense bursts and vocals that combine screaming and low growling lyrics." Hardcore originated primarily around major cities like LA, DC, NYC, and Boston, as a vehicle for expressing resentment at collective double standards within the punk scene itself and outside. From about 1980 to 1984 the two most popular hardcore bands were Minor Threat from Washington D.C. and Black Flag from Los Angeles. Minor Threat were greatly inspired by Washington D.C.'s Bad Brains. Minor Threat combined a loose experimentalism reminiscent of the original punk movement while Black Flag released their album Damaged which defined the musical aggression of hardcore to some fans. Discharge were among the first to simplify the genre with speed driven blasts of intense rhythms within a simple three chord song structure.

In the 1980s hardcore music combined with heavy metal with bands such as DRI, and Sick of It All. There have been many sub movements within hardcore like the straight-edge movement which got its name from a Minor Threat song which advised avoidance of drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex. More recent hardcore bands like NoMeansNo, Fugazi, D.O.A, and The Ex, continue in this tradition to carry on the mantle of hardcore punk rock.

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