Houston music The Kants

Its hard to find a band that epitomizes the Houston indie music scene better that The Kants. If you haven't been paying attention or aren't involved in the scene you may have missed them. This is an oversight you should quickly remedy. Reminiscent of 90's punk the Kants are melodic and yet create discordant tension and have dynamic energy to spare.

Taking a melodic line and exploding it outward and then pulling the listener back in as on songs like "Luxx" is a Kants trademark. Lyrics range from spoken word to screams of rage and everything in between.

Songs like "Plan for Takers" are a bit more accessible to the mainstream and incorporate slightly offbeat rhythms and burst of energy with solid bass and a consistent melody to form a cohesive structure which allows the center to hold.

The name is pronounced "Kont" as in the philosopher for which they are named or "can't" depending on who in the band you ask but however you pronounces it this band has plenty to say and you should be listening.

They released a EP which is now out of print and a the Houston staple, a split seven-inch with Handriver last May, which is available at shows for $3. Their last release was a one sided 12 inch on red vinyl entitled "This Book is Deadly". If you don't have a turntable get one and check this out. Its worth the effort.

The Kants lineup consists of Ted Conway on guitar/vocals, Lee Walker on bass, and Mike Mcaloon on drums. Check them out for one pure reason, they absolutely don't suck.

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