Lyrics to hard rock album Weapon of Love



Beware all you who enter

Into my private hell

Follow the river of my mind

As the ferryman rings the bell


Coin in hand you wait

As he slowly drags you in

And you steel yourself for the horrors

That lies in wait within


When all the world is lost within you

And there’s nothing left to loose

Its then and there you must decide

Which path your soul must choose


As rivers rage and spill their blood

As worlds collide within

As storms rage on in endless floods

Our lives begin again


Can you feel the despair?

Look into its eyes

Face your fears and be released

Or perish right here with your lies


As nights grow cold and storms rage on

We try to hold our ground

It seems we’ve lost our way

And we may never be found


The road ahead is paved with pain

And you feel so all alone

You make your way through the bodies

As the beast waits on it’s throne.


On and on we cannot stop

The wolves are on our trail

It seems we may not find our way

That evil may prevail.


When all the world is against you

And you know your going to loose

Its then and there you must decide

Which path your soul would choose.

Copyright 2003 Lazarus X - Silver Dragon Records - All rights reserved.



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