Lyrics to Houston hard rock album Weapon of Love



I don’t ever want to sleep again

I keep dreaming about you

I don’t want to take the leap again

It’s too far to the bottom.


Why can’t I close my eyes again

Without thinking about you?

Why do I tell myself Lies again

And say I don’t love you?


Take me away

Sleep now child and pray.


I don’t ever want to dream again

It’s so lonely without you.

I don’t want to wait in vain again

Been two years since I saw you.


Why must I dream of your face again

I’m so good at forgetting?

Why must I seek out the pain again

By the way when’s the wedding?


I don’t ever want to bleed again

My wounds never healing

I don’t ever want to need again

It’s way too revealing


I can never rest my eyes again

Cause I’m still thinking of you

I will never tell myself lies again

By the way girl I love you.

Copyright 2003 Lazarus X - Silver Dragon Records - All rights reserved.


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