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Interesting Facts:

Lazarus X got his nickname after a tough recovery from a broken forearm and wrist. Doctors told him he’d never play the guitar again. His career was “reborn” after 8 years of rehab. During those 8 years he began to develop his voice and to write a few of the songs playing “guitar” in his head.

The song Vampyres is not about anything supernatural. It is in fact about psychic Vampyres; people who drain the energy and effort of others for their own gain. It was scrawled by Laz on the torn back of an old notebook immediately after the accident that sidelined his musical career. The song was all but forgotten until it mysteriously appeared when he was going through an old book of his poetry. The song immediately struck a chord with fans. The rest as they say is history.

Whispering Shadow is a song about an old house David Lazarus had rented in Texas City, TX a couple of years after his accident. Awoken from a sound sleep one night at 4am Laz came face to face with a figure staring at him from the doorway of his bedroom. "The first thing I thought of was that it was a burglar. Something wasn't quite right however." It was a man around 40 or so with worn faded clothes which looked strangely out of place. "It was like looking at an old photos of the 1940's. The colors were muted and much too old-fashioned even for a rural suburb like Texas City."

Laz continues. "He seemed angry and stared fiercely at me holding his arms crossed tightly against his chest. Suddenly through the dim light of the streetlamps I could see that the figure was transparent. That's when my heart really started racing." Showing no sign of leaving Laz was forced to confront the figure. "After a few minutes I knew he wasn't going to go away. I tried closing my eyes. He was still standing there. Suddenly I jumped up and charged at him. As I grabbed for him he dissolved in my arms. I was in shock. I immediately got dressed and left but I can still see that face looking at me. I don't think I'll ever forget it."

The ghost made only one appearance but many people witnessed the strange occurrences and odd noises in the house. Laz continued to live in the house afterwards after making "peace" with the apparition. The experience inspired a short story which was the inspiration for whispering shadows, the tenth song on the new release Weapon of Love. "Texas City was the site of one of the largest accidents ever to occur on American soil." Laz explained. " In the refinery explosion thousands were killed. Some believe this is why the area is a hotbed for paranormal activity. I don't know if I believe that or not. I don't really believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon but it’s hard to deny what I saw that night. Maybe it was a waking dream or a hallucination or something but when you see something like that it's an experience that changes you somehow. The idea behind the short story and eventually the song Whispering Shadows was what if the ghost was trying to tell me something. Perhaps he wanted to give me some message or instructions. It seemed like an intriguing idea at the time so I developed it into this story which became the basis for the song.” Check out Whispering Shadows on David Lazarus's recent release Weapon of Love.

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