Overview of alternative hard rock band Lazarus X

History of Lazarus X - In the early nineties the artist Dave L. lived for the guitar. He was in a band that had an upcoming tour starting in Austin in a few weeks. Life was good. Then in an moment of youthful impetuousness, an incident he refers to as “the car surfing incident” he climbed on the hood of a friends car as the friend sped down a dark road at a reckless 60 mph. Bad idea. With the squeal of brakes and an explosion of pain down his left side, in an instant a promising career was over. Or so the doctors said anyway.

Who is hard rock band Lazarus X? (by Lori Hall) - I must confess that when I was assigned the task of covering a private release party for Lazarus X and their CD Weapon of Love I didn't know that much about the band. Of course I had heard rumblings that something unusual was going on with this band from southern Texas, so I decided to make the trip to Houston and see for myself. (read more)

New hard rock CD Weapon of Love - This CD is a journey of the soul. It takes you to the lowest depths of human suffering to the loftiest of ideals and the happiest of joyful existence. It is a very personal journey but its very accessible and its themes are very universal. The themes are sometimes intensely personal and other times very political, focusing on universal themes which examine the human condition. It is an album of determined honest hard rock combined with haunting and soulful melodies which has struck a chord with many fans. Lazarus X the 7-string guitarist and vocalist for PQA is the driving force behind this new band and fans will find that the music has only gotten better.

Lyrics for Weapon of Love - The lyrics are very moving, at times dark and at others very inspiring and insightful. The subject matter is very personal covering topics such as attempted suicide(Two Ropes), the solace of music in the face of hopelessness (Asylum), to more far reaching topics such as global unrest (Weapon of Love), and loss of freedom post 9-11 (Free Radicals).

Interesting Facts - Lazarus X got his nickname after a tough recovery from a broken forearm and wrist. Doctors told him he’d never play the guitar again. His career was “reborn” after 8 years of rehab. During those 8 years he began to develop his voice and to write a few of the songs playing “guitar” in his head.

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