Mastering your audio recording

Computer internal hardwareMastering is done once the final CD or tape has been mixed down to a single stereo track. It is very unusual for the person who mixed the CD to be the same one to master it. Mastering is a special art and it is usually best to get someone to master your project if you can afford it. It never hurts to have a second set of ears and you would be amazed at what an expert can add to even a demo quality recording. If you can't afford to get a producer or record label to master your project we will cover the basics so that you can tackle it yourself. If you find mastering is not for you then consider letting us tell you what our record label Silver Dragon Records can do for your recording project. Contact us here for info.

Back of mixing boardMastering is the process of adding compression and equalization to the final stage of a project to make it loud enough to be broadcast quality while making the project more pleasing to the ear. If you are using a computer or DAW you can use plug ins to great effect to master a project. If not you may have to send the audio out and through a compressor and equalizer and back to a recording medium. If you can afford it expensive tube driven equalizers and compressors are great for this. Try to get a sound that is loud without destroying the timbre and transient qualities of a recording. Don't fall into the trap of who's CD is louder than who's. Studies have shown that over compressed songs are perceived mostly as noise and are ignored making them have less impact than a better recorded recording.

After you have compression and Eq taken care of you should add silence to the intro and outro of all songs if this wasn't done in the original song. Next check your mix on a boombox, in your car, and as many other places as you can. Make notes about any weaknesses in the mix. If you are unhappy with the results make changes and print the CD again. Check it out again and again until you get the right mix for all mediums. I have known engineers to take weeks to complete this stage.

Congratulations you are finished. Now use your recording to get gigs, make a little cash for equipment, or impress a record label or producer and get signed. Now that you have finished your recording you will want to promote your album or get someone to do it for you.

Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsIf you are interested Silver Dragon Records would love to hear your demo or recording and let you know what we can do for you or your band to help you promote your CD or tape. We are signing a few bands in the rock genre to promotion deals for a limited time so send you CD now and maybe you'll be our next groundbreaking artist.

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