Mixing Down your Audio Recording

Fender amplifierGetting Started - Getting started with the final mix is an exciting part of the recording process. Don't rush the process however, as it is vital to getting the best recording possible. We recommend approaching the process in three parts. In the first part we will cover how to get the basic levels and Eq the project.

Using a Compressor - First we recommend using a compressor on the final mix even if you plan to Master the project at a later stage. Turn the compressor on from the start because it will change the sound of the overall mix adding more bass. If you are using a computer or DAW there are some nice plug ins designed for mastering that are great for this.

Getting a Basic Level - Next start with the drums bringing them up to a moderate level. Do not use any reverb or effects on any of the tracks at this stage unless they are permanently attached to or "printed" on the track. Second bring the bass up to where it sounds about the same loudness as the drums. Use your ears here. Next bring up the guitars, and other instruments to where they are in proportion with the bass and drums. Next bring up the vocal and listen to the song with all tracks engaged. Notice any problems in the mix and write them down so we can work on them at the next stage. All we need to do here is make sure that the instruments are the right loudness first. Next we will pan tracks to the left or right and readjust the volume as needed. Then we will Eq each track to optimize it and then add effects next.

Mixing boardPanning Tracks - Now that you have a basic level listen to your project. Are instruments competing with each other muddying the mix? Try panning similar instruments or multi-tracked parts like multiple vocals either slightly (i.e. 10 %) or heavily (100%) to the left or the right. Remember that panning hard to the left or right effectively halves the loudness of the track so boost the volume to counteract this. Bass drum, bass guitar and snare almost always sound best in the center tracks so try panning other instruments out the the sides first and see if this helps. On other drum instruments try creating a virtual drum kit by panning each instrument to a unique position like snare slightly left and toms slightly right, etc. Take some time to try and get a good sound here before you move on.

Moving On - Now that we have a basic overall level and the tracks panned where we want them lets move on to Equalization or Eq.

Part 2 - Finalizing your Mix - Now that you have a basic mix and have added the Eq to it lets move on to finalizing the mix and put some polish on our project.

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