Silver Dragon Records Presents

Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsThe Museum of Rock History and our Audio Recording Toolkit

Houston Rock Record Label Silver Dragon Records is proud to present its Free Rock music resource. While your here check out our bands like Lazarus X.

Museum of Rock History

Here you will find a extensive list of rock music genres such as the history of alternative music, heavy metal music, hard rock, grunge, punk rock, rock and roll, house music, grindcore, and many others.

Audio Recording and mixing

If you are a musician or band who has written some great songs and are looking for a way to get them recorded at home then you have come to the right place. Silver Dragon Records is proud to offer these resources on recording and mixing music free of charge so let your friends know were to find these great tips for free.

DrumsItems of interest - While your here check out the hottest Houston Band band Lazarus X and their album Weapon of Love or download free mp3s. Also check out our tips for submitting a demo and what our independent record label can offer your band when you are ready to take that next step. Also we are signing 3 acts to development deals in the next nine months so one you get that demo just right submit it with us and maybe you'll be our next big breakthrough artist. For more info on our independent record label click here.

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