New Wave

(see also ) punk rock, glam rock, industrial music, hardcore punk,

New waveRecord executives had missed the marketing bandwagon with the punk rock movement (due to the fact most punk albums were released independently). Determined not to let that happen again they began signing and promoting post punk bands or New Wave acts as they were beginning to be called very aggressively in the early 80's. Drawing heavily from glam rock and the industrial music genres the music was defined very broadly including everyone from acts like Devo and Madness to the Police.

Bands like The Cars, The Go-Go's, The Pretenders, and others were basically pop bands that had fallen under the label new wave. Some bands like Flock of Seagulls and Wham were post punk bands who heavily influenced by the synth driven sounds of the 80's incorporating these influences into new wave hits which, made popular by MTV, heavily drove album sales for a time. Other bands like Devo and Madness were heavily influenced by punk combining it with the electronic synthesizers of industrial music to make what is arguably something very akin in spirit to the punk rock movement of the 70's.

Eventually the movement collapsed under its own weight and punk returned to its roots with the hardcore punk movement. A few bands like The Police and The Pretenders managed to survive and even flourish after the fall of new wave although many argue they never deserved to be classified as new wave in the first place.

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