Numbers Houston Texas

300 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006 Phone: (713) 526-8338

NUMBERS has been around for 24 years and are one of Houston's oldest venues for live alternative acts ranging from The Cure to Snoop. When they are not showcasing live music, NUMBERS is a progressive video dance bar with music and videos from Houston's top progressive D.J.'s like Wes Wallace, Shawn Morado, Hideous Jeff Fath, Vampire James and Robot. Featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, CMJ, Spin and Details, among others they have established themselves as one of the top venues for live music. This club made its reputation on being a venue for new and established acts and has hosted everyone from REM to Sevendust. Bands like Lords of Acid, Moby, Cystal Method, Delerium, Daft Punk, Marilyn Manson, Underworld, Xymox, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Chemical Brothers, Filter & KMFDM, and new bands such as BRMC, Miss Kitten, The Hives, Fischer-Spooner, Basement Jax, and DJs like Digweed, Tiesto, and OakenfoldĀ have graced the stage here.

NUMBERS features 2 digital video projectors, large video screens and several monitors which project videos and remix videos edited exclusively for their use. There is no dress code, no cocktail waitresses, no valet and no attitude. There is also limited seating downstairs and upstairs in a quiet bar overlooking the stage and dance floor, as well as a large outdoor patio. It can get a bit crowded but other than that it's not a bad place.

This Westheimer club is a place where everyone can intermingle and settle in for a cold drink and some live music. The sound system is nice and the set up is usually agreeable for bands who play here. The music variesĀ almost as widely as the clientele here which is nice too. The drinks are cheap. On Wednesdays check out 10-cent beer nights. Fridays features 25 cent Shiner and $1 well drinks. Hours are 9pm to 2am.


12/31 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
12/31 Numbers New Years Eve Party
01/03 Danseparc
01/10 Infernal

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