Post Rock - Durutti Column, Talk Talk, Slint

Post rockThe term post-rock is really just a general description of bands which don't fit a standard rock format. The term post rock first appeared in print in 1993 when a writer was describing the first studio album by Bark Psychosis called Hex. The album combines thick textures, acoustic instruments, moody overtones, and other classic staples of the genre. Talk Talk band member Lee Harris appears on the album as an assistant and presumably had a large hand in this. This album is considered by many to be the first post-rock album but actually the genre was alive and well much earlier. So who were the pioneers of post-rock? When you talk about post rock two bands usually come up very quickly. One is Durutti Column and the other is Talk Talk. Durutti Column's Vini Reilly was a former punk who liked folk rock and jazz. He wrote songs that had a distinctive arpeggio guitar effect with drums and a simple vocal. From the beginning they set themselves apart from the others like Joy Division, A Certain Ratio, Section 25, and also eventually New Order. The songs featured soaring thickly textured guitars which at times transcended its traditional rock roots. Albums by Durutti Column are still considered by many to be the most ambitious and original of the genre.

Talk Talk is best known for songs released early in their careers which were synth driven pop songs by most accounts, but by the mid 80's they were making some of the most challenging and original music of their careers and the band is still considered by many to be an incredible testament to the power of the genre. The Colour Of Spring featured the song Chameleon Day which was the first hint of this new and different direction in music. On the 1988 album Spirit Of Eden the presence of horns and acoustic instruments marked a definite change in direction for the band. Talk Talk's last album Laughing Stock moved farther in this direction using elements of jazz, ambient and industrial.

Another name that comes up in the discussion of post-rock is the Louisville, Kentucky band Slint. The 1991 album Spiderland was very influential in the genre and is considered by many to be a brilliant and defining moment. Slint used guitar, bass, drums and vocals but incorporated them in very unconventional ways. They have become the standard to which every new band in the genre is compared. In the mid nineties in Chicago's Wicker Park thrash metal aficionado David Grubbs who had moved to Chicago to attend grad school was studying the writings and music of experimental composer John Cage. So enthralled with the direction taken by this artist his band Bastro soon changed their name to Gastr del Sol to represent this change in musical direction. Their first album the Serpentine Similar released in 93 was a collection of dissonant samples, unusual voiced chords on a piano, and noisy bursts of guitar as an intentional backlash to the angry angst ridden music of Nirvana and other grunge bands. Not long after John McEntire and Bundy K Brown formed the band Tortoise which were very influential on the post rock movement. Others bands of influence include To Rococo Rot, Labradford, Sigur Ros, Cul de Sac, Flying Saucer Attack, and Third Eye Foundation who all incorporate other roots and influences and impose them on a rock format.

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