Choosing Audio Recording Equipment or Gear (Part 2)

Computer hardwareComputer Recording - Now that you have the basic recording chain you need something to record into. Here's where it gets a bit tricky. If you have access to a pretty fast computer than you are in luck. All you will need is a special sound card to record into your computer and the software to run it plus you might want a small mixer to allow you to monitor what you play as you play it. For the lowdown on how to record audio by computer click here.

Digital Audio Workstations - If you can afford to plunk down a few grand on a digital console of very high quality, then studio quality recordings are possible even for the fairly inexperienced audiophile even without a computer. Although like computers they can be very tricky to work with if you are not fairly literate in computer technology. Many digital consoles can record to hard discs similar to computers and many can burn audio CD's as well and has many of the options available from computer recording making them basically like a computer without the computer. For more information on Digital Audio Workstations or DAW's click here.

Tape Recording or MDM - If you don't want to record with a computer or DAW or can't afford to spend the 1000 to 3000 dollars needed to get a good one then the other alternatives are cassette tape based four or eight track recorders. Also if you can afford one there are pro quality 32 track MDM recorders for several thousand dollars. This is probably the best option for musicians who don't like computers allowing for manual control of most functions. The trade off is that these machines usually produce lower quality recordings than computers or digital consoles. For more information of recording with a tape or MDM click here.

Grunge guitarSkill? - Remember however that the most important thing in recording is the skill of the musicians and the engineer. A good studio engineer can make just about any equipment sound great and an inexperienced engineer can make a mess even with the most expensive equipment. That along with the high cost of getting started is why many musicians trust their recording to a professional engineer and studio instead of doing it themselves.

Do it yourself? - Click on the underlined words for more info on recording drums, bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards and other instruments as well as tips and tricks for recording, as well as tips for mixing and mastering.

Make an Estimate - We recommend listing all the instruments you wish to record and working out a budget before you purchase anything. Count the number of instruments you need to record at the same time and budget at least 125 dollars for each mic and cable. Double that for a decent vocal mic. Add 250 for a decent outboard preamp. and 50 for each cable needed. Don't forget the ones that go into the sound card and the mixer or control surface if you need one and then the cost of a means of recording like tape, MDM, DAT or Computer. Don't forget the cost of a recording space and be sure you have enough hard drive space to record on if your using a computer or DAW and enough tape if you choose MDM or tape to record with and computer software and plug-ins for the DAW and Computer and stand alone effects like reverb, compression, delay and others for all other mediums.

Can you afford it? If after reading this you decide purchasing equipment is too much expense out of pocket don't be discouraged. There is always a way to get a good project made. Consider recording a low quality demo and finding a record label or studio to help you with rental equipment or perhaps sign you to a development deal. If not then performing a song live is a good way to peak the interest of record labels and producers who have the resources to make professional quality recordings in exchange for a small percentage of the profits. If you decide that home recording is not right for you please feel free to check out our record label Silver Dragon Records and see what we can offer your band in terms of recording and other services.

Ready? If you have everything you need, have hooked it up according to the instructions, and are ready to record hold on for just a second or two more. There are a few tricks that will help get the most out of your equipment. Click here to get help on optimizing your recording gear to get the most out of your set up.

Tips and Tricks - Already set up and you just need tips and tricks to make your recording sound better.

Electric Guitars - If you want help recording a electric guitar then check out this page.

Acoustic Guitars - If you want help recording an acoustic guitar then check out this page.

Bass- Need help capturing that electric bass we offer a few options for you here.

Vocals - Vocals can make or break a project. Get some nice tips for recording vocals here.

Other Instruments - Want to add that saxophone, cello, or flute to a project. Get the facts here.

Mixing - Need help mixing those tracks to get the right sound from your mix. We can help here.

Equalization or Eq - Do you have a basic overall level and the tracks panned where you want them. Then check out our tips on Equalization or Eq.

Adding Audio effects - If you have the levels where you want them and have added Eq its time to add some plug-ins or effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and other effects to help that final mix shine.

Mastering - Need help mastering your songs. Get the low down here.

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