Choosing Audio Recording Equipment or Gear

Here is the lowdown on the basic gear you will need to record yourself or your band. Ok now lets cover the basics of what you will need.

FrequencyA place to record - This can be a small room or area where you can set up your equipment and record the basic tracks. Once the tracks are recorded they can be mixed at a different location if necessary. If you don't have the space then consider renting a rehearsal space or small area to record and then mix the tracks at home. If you have the cash a professional or private studio can be a great way to get some or all of the tracks down. High end recording gear is expensive and if you need a professional sounding recording there is no substitute for a professionally recorded project. If you are recording tracks separately as opposed to with all members playing at the same time and you want to cut expenses you can record parts like bass and guitar at home in a small closet or space and take them with you but check with them first to make sure your using a compatible audio format. Difficult tracks like vocals or drums can be recorded and added to the basic tracks with very professional sounding results. So assuming you have a studio, rehearsal hall, or closet to record in, now lets get started.

Four string bassInstruments - First we'll assume that you have the instruments necessary to record the songs but if you don't or are thinking of buying a new instrument then remember to get a good sounding instrument and amplifier. It doesn't matter how good the recording is if the sound coming out of the instrument is poor. Now that you have a good instrument let's go over the basics of what you need to record. What if like most musicians you are on a limited budget? Well no problem just borrow gear from friends. But what if your friends don't have any gear or you can't get it when you need it? Well then you will need to for out a bit of cash to get you started.

MicrophoneMicrophone - First and foremost you need a good microphone. Assuming like most musicians your in a band with vocals, acoustic drums, electric bass, and at least one electric guitar and you have a very limited budget. If this is the case then there is really only one mic choice that might have a chance of recording all these instruments, the Shure 57. If you plan to record one instrument at a time then one mic may be all you need, but if you plan to record all instruments at the same time then you will need several mics like a Shure 57 or similar mic for each guitar amp, a bass mic or DI for the bass, a bass mic for the bass drum, a Shure 57 for the snare drum and a couple of high frequency mics like for the overheads plus a large diaphragm mic like an Audio Technica or AKG for the vocals. Remember this setup is a bare minimum and recording studios usually add many more mics to the drums and occasionally add a second or third mic to the guitar and bass as well as room mics. If you are thoroughly confused get more help with selecting the right microphone click here.

Preamp - Next you will need a good microphone preamplifier or mic pre as it is commonly called to boost the volume of your microphone. Microphones are almost inaudible without a mic pre because of the low current they use to allow them to be so accurate making recording without a mic pre impossible. Mic preamps are very important second only to the quality of the sound source and the quality of the microphone. If you need more help selecting a microphone preamp check out this page.

Choosing Recording Equipment (Part 2) Ok now that you have the basics of the recording chain you just need something to record into. Click here to navigate the sometimes ambiguous world of DAT's, MDM's, multitrack tape recorders, and computer recording.

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