How to set up your home recording gear.

Mic standNow that you have all the gear and have followed the instructions provided with each item to get the system up and running you are probably in a hurry to record. Let us offer a few tips first that should help make your experience more enjoyable. If you are having trouble setting up you device check with the manufacturer. (Due to the huge number of combinations it would consume all of our web resources to cover them all.)

One of the better ways to improve your sound is with a compressor. Use one inline to get a hotter level to tape, computer, or digital recorder. Use it sparingly, for example a 1 to 1.5 ratio. You will probably want more later but for DAW's and Computer recording more can be added later to get the right effect. Also remember to record the signal as hot (or loud) as possible without distortion cause by overdriving the recording chain. Remember that a little goes a long way so use your ears to make sure the song doesn't become to compressed to hear the dynamics (loud and soft parts of the song.)

Always make a backup copy. I have heard more than once about someone who lost an entire song album or collection recorded to hard drive, disk or tape. Do not take chances with this one. Backup your work weekly or in case of really important or irreplaceable work back up your work every few hours.

Take time to clean your tape heads and other gear and change instrument strings before you record. A few minutes here will really pay off in terms of overall sound. With strings however you may want to change them a week or two in advance because fresh strings have a distinctive sound rich in upper harmonics which may or may not be correct for the sound you are recording. Also keep some extra strings and other gear around like a good tuner and a pop screen for the vocal mic. Also some canned air is good for cleaning mixing boards and keyboards which can really extend the life of your equipment.

ExperimentLast and most importantly, know when to break the rules. Let your ears be the final judge in all audio recording and not the rule book. Try unusual things and compare them to the traditional methods of recording. If nothing else you will make sure there's not a better way. Many studio tricks have been discovered that way and there are many more as yet undiscovered so don't be afraid to experiment.

That being said I can't stress how important it is to have some sort of guidance from an experienced engineer. Ok now that you know what your getting into then lets get to the specifics. For the basics of recording individual instruments, general tips and tricks, mixing, and mastering follow the links below to get started.

Recording Tips and Tricks. Need some general recording tips and tricks. Maybe you need some professional recording tips to help your recording sound like the pros. Either way this is the page for you.

Drums - If you need help or tips on recording acoustic drums then this is the place to check out.

Electric Guitars - If you want help recording a electric guitar then check out this page.

Acoustic Guitars - If you want help recording an acoustic guitar then check out this page.

Piano or Keyboards - If your band has a keyboard or piano player we offer a few tips for you here.

Bass - Need help capturing that electric bass we offer a few options for you here.

Vocals - Vocals can make or break a project. Get some nice tips for recording vocals here.

Other Instruments - Want to add that saxophone, cello, or flute to a project. Get the facts here.

Mixing - Need help mixing those tracks to get the right sound from your mix. We can help here.

Mastering - Need help mastering your songs. Get the low down here.

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