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Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsRestrictions of Use - This file is offered in mp3 format at 44000/128000 for a limited time. This file is for personal use only and not to be shared through file sharing or used for commercial rebroadcast or by any other method. These mp3s were mastered in the studio and are not "converted" later for maximum quality.

Lazarus X has been proclaimed by fans as Houston's hottest local band and their new CD release Weapon of Love is proof they are right. These mp3s has been approved by the artist for free download from this site for a limited time absolutely free (See restrictions).

These mp3s were mastered in the studio and are not converted later for maximum quality. Please let us know what you think at

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"If you like what you hear please purchase the album through our secure online store for only $9.99. You can buy the album for download in mp3 format for only $5.99. Remember not to let the proliferation of free mp3s put new bands out of business. Reward great music by making a legal purchase. Thanks again for supporting Lazarus X and enjoy these free downloads." David Lazarus / Lazarus X

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