Rudyard's British Pub Houston Texas

RUDYARD'S BRITISH PUB: - 2010 Waugh Houston, TX. 77006 (713) 521-0521 Booking: Wed. 9PM-2AM, or Mon. 3-9PM; Scott Walcott, 713-528-7839 Rudyard' Cover's around $5. Another pillar of the community, Rudyard's British Pub in the Montrose area has made a reputation in the Houston live music scene. They have opened up the stage by placing it upstairs. Bands range from local acts to bigger Indies. I hear they have a good sound system also. The service and atmosphere are nice making this a great place to check out some of Houston's finest bands.

The downstairs bar at Rudyard's is well stocked with local and imported beer, and most cocktails. Check out the Colorado microbrew Fat Tire, a favorite of many patrons. Also check out the insane lavatory graffiti. The interior features sculptures by Mik Miano which add a nice touch. The staircase has a lovely wrought-iron railing adding more than a little charm. Don't be surprised if you see a dog wandering through the downstairs bar, he's a regular. It can get rather crowded, so get there early. Hours are from 4pm to 2am.


12/26 de Schmog
12/27 Ultramag
12/31 New Years Eve at Rudyard's British Pub

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