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Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsSilver Dragon Records is an indie record label in Texas City, TX, a small city on the southern outskirts of Houston, TX near Galveston. We specialize in alternative rock / metal, progressive rock / metal, experimental rock / metal, emo, and other rock genres. Our label is made up largely of musicians and producers so we take what we do pretty seriously. If you like alternative rock check out our signed artist Lazarus X. If you a band looking for a record deal check out what we have to offer. Also SDR will be interviewing web interns starting. If you would like a chance to intern with us click here.

Our Mission

To bring truly great and original music to the public without forcing artists to compromise their artistic integrity. Our goal is to allow small independent bands to compete with bands signed to a major labels without the inevitable compromises that come along with corporate involvement in music.

Are we signing bands?

Yes, we are signing three bands this year in the alternative rock / metal, progressive rock / metal, experimental rock / metal, emo, and other rock genres so if you want to take your music to the highest level then check out what it takes to sign a recording contract with SDR. Don't worry if your not sure where you fall in those categories. We aren't that hung up on labels. Now that you know the basics check out more about us and see what we have to offer your band.

Where the music is all that matters

SDR's Private Studio - Another advantage of working with indie record label SDR is our private studio which allow our signed artists to record their album in house in private secluded comfort. We offer high quality tube mics, 24 bit digital quality and other high end recording equipment including Avalon, Marshall, Ibanez, M-Audio, Mackie, Focusrite, Audio-Technica, Fostex, Shure, etc. To find out more check out SDR's Private Studio

Band and Event Promotion - We promote events for our signed artists for free as a part of our promotion deals. If your not ready to sign we offer band and event promotion for unsigned artists for very reasonable rates. Services include web site design, flyers and handbills, press releases, promoting shows, graphic art, etc. If you would like a quote please email us with your specific needs at

Submitting a Demo - If you or your band has an album which you plan on submitting to record labels check out our tips for submitting a demo before you send it and let us help you increase your chances of success. If you would like to submit a demo to us then check here for the details. Get signed with indie record label SDR.

News - Silver Dragon Records is committed to high quality content on its site. Keep up with our press releases in the news section. Check out the press release for the Weapon of Love CD release party or the announcement of Silver Dragon records new online web presence.

More Information on SDR - If you would like to hear more about our indie record label and what makes us tick check here. By catering to a small group of dedicated musicians who love music for it's own sake we are able to allow them the artistic freedom not available from a corporate record label.

Feedback - Lets us know what you think about our site or what ever is on your mind. If you would like to contact us through snail mail or by phone please click here for our contact information.

Bottom Line - If you are an alternative rock, progressive rock, emo, experimental rock, alternative metal, or progressive metal band located in or around Houston who takes your music seriously and need an indie record label that stands behind you please consider Silver Dragon Records.

Guestbook - Click here to sign our Guestbook.

Download a free mp3 of his song Vampyres here for a limited time here. Lazarus X's determined honest rock combined with haunting and soulful melodies struck a chord with many rock music fans. Some fans received a preview of the publicity photos and album at a rooftop listening party a day before it is released and the response was amazing. Lazarus X has a long and interesting history in the local Houston scene. His interview was well received by fans and is available here. Part 1 - Part 2 - The lyrics are very moving, at times dark and at others very inspiring and insightful. Check out Lazarus X merchandise like tour and WOL T-shirts or preview one of Laz's songs by downloading a free mp3.

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