Houston local bands - Strangelight

Strangelight is a band many local music fans may have already heard about. They have been around for a few years and have managed to score some decent press and pick up some fans along the way with their own blend of diverse influences and swirling guitars mixed with high falsetto vocals and out of the ordinary lyrics.

Mixing progressive and post rock elements they combine ambience and driving drums almost seamlessly to create their sound. Their only album to date was created in mid 2002 and entitled Lux. So far it has gotten them some respect with local and national fans and earned them their place as Decembers Artist of the month.

Although often compared to Radiohead, (Don't feel bad guys, all the greats are compared to someone at first.) the band has a fairly unique sound and is very proficient with their instruments. Hailed by the Houston Chronicle as one of the most professional and technically proficient bands in Houston, Strangelight is spearheaded by lead singer and guitarist/keyboardist Raman and Bill Royall lead guitarist and founding member. Bassist Jason Smith joined in 2001 and Drummer Marc Badillo joined later to complete the lineup.

The bands first album Lux is dark at times and at others warm and almost dare I say it pop like with soft shimmering melodic guitars and hard driving drum beats combined with Raman's high crooning voice. Fans responded very positively to the CD and 60 radio stations around the US seem to agree, playing tracks from Lux in their music rotation.

While they don't just consider themselves a local band the members of Strangelight play the area several times a year and have done their part to support the local scene and for that we salute them.


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