Submit a demo online or by mail to record label SDR

Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsTo submit a demo to our record label please send us a press kit or one sheet, CD or tape of 3-8 songs, and a 5" x 7" b&w or color band photo and any contact information and website info if available. Please do not send your package by registered mail due to mail restrictions.

If you have music online in mp3 or CD format and available for download you can send us an email letting us know where to get it. Please do not send a demo or mp3 to us directly as our mailbox cannot hold the flood of submissions and so it will have to be deleted. Thanks for considering us we hope to hear from you soon.

For more information on how to prepare a press kit click here.

If you would like us to consider you for a recording project please click here to find out how. For info on preparing a demo to be submitted to a record label click here.


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