Submitting a Demo

Tips: To make the most impact with your demo in all your presentations remember the following tips.

Surf rock1) Always send the best quality recording you have. If you are a songwriter and not a performer you may be able to get away with a rough recording but for performers the quality of the performance is key to a successful presentation.

2) Present yourself professionally. To be taken seriously you must show that you can present yourself well. Artists can be difficult to manage and labels usually like people who handle themselves in a businesslike manner (at least between gigs).

3) Promote yourself as much as possible. Many bands don't do much to achieve success, leaving that to the record label or managers. Although SDR is well prepared to help on this front, unlike many other labels; it is always important to promote your music personally. If you don't believe in it then who will.

4) Try to send a finished or near finished product. Labels like to see you can deliver a professional sounding finished product or idea. Don't submit a work in progress as a rule of thumb.

Rock and roll5) Include a press kit with your submission if possible. If you have been in the press then send any copies you have with your submission. Photos need not be artistic or professional but need to clearly depict the band members if possible.

If you would like us to consider you for a recording project please feel free to mail us your CD or tape at 3452 Palmer Hwy PMB #308 Texas City, TX 77590. We cannot accept registered mail at the moment. Also no online submissions please due to mailbox restrictions. Allow 2-6 weeks for reply.



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