Super Happy Fun Land

Hidden away in the Heights, on 2610 Ashland Street, this art rock venue is as unusual as it is completely zany. From the moment you arrive in the grass parking area entitled Super Happy fun parking you sense that this is not your average art venue. Formerly the Ashland Street Theater, now painted fluorescent green, and covered with Christmas lights this venue is a refreshing change from the norm. Furnished with futons, church pews, sock puppets and board games galore this venue does not take itself too seriously and hopes that you won't either.

SHFL is known as a haven for animate, unusual artwork and exhibits, underground jazz, and on the weekends it's a great place to catch experimental music from some great local and national bands.

They have hosted bands like Nels Cline, The Facade, Swarm of Angels, Childcraft, Manchild, The Buddy System, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Organ Failure, Nautical Almanac, A Pink Cloud, The Syndicate, Goat, Kairos, Muzak, Concrete Violin, T.E.F., Steel Hook, Prosthesis, A Fall Association, Richard Ramirez, Rotten Piece, Two Star Symphony and the Sexy Finger Champs to name just a few. Bands perform in a laid back atmosphere which fits the unconventional bands which perform here.

The crowds are typically very enthusiastic and shows are fairly inexpensive. There is plenty to do and the venue features strange events like the rooster pudding disco which are not to be missed.

The chalkboard covered bathroom, the art gallery, patio, theater, and movies on Thursday nights sets this venue apart from its competitors. Many local bands can be found here drinking tea and jamming out with the members from the other bands on a regular basis.


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