Lyrics to Houston hard rock album Weapon of Love

Two Ropes

Two Ropes keep me hanging

Comfortably alone

No witness to the final act

No worries to condone


A quitter’s revolution

is all I have to give

An easy fix to end

The life I cannot live


Two Ropes swinging

Always in my head

One taken one empty

One living one dead


Two Ropes swing in the hearts of us all

Which one will you use?

To live or die is no paradise

But hell is your fear to choose


A bruised and bleeding sacrifice

A tasteful waste of air

One last breath I don’t deserve

That ends my love affair


I never felt more alone

Then when I walk the edge

And when and where I pay the price

These bets cannot be hedged


A coward’s contribution

that death will never hide

Don’t give up on living

there’s no love in suicide.


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Copyright 2003 Lazarus X - Silver Dragon Records - All rights reserved.

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