Houston Music Clubs Live - Walters on Washington

(Independent review by SDR's Punk Brady Style)


Walter's on Washington is one part neighborhood bar, one part live music venue, which has become one of the hottest places in town to see live shows. With some really great local bands and some very cool national acts Walters gives you the best of both worlds. The place is a medium size venue with a very comfortable and cozy feel.

One of three clubs owned by local music patron Pam Robinson. Walters has a nice sound system and a very intimate and well designed stage which really gives you that up close and personal feel. Add to that the nearby railroad cars which are whistling in the distance and the cozy downtown feel with parking readily available even at larger shows.

The bartenders and waitresses are friendly and the beer is cold. What else do you need to have fun. Once the best kept secret in Houston live music now the secret is out.

Address: 4215 Washington Ave.



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